BMW: The Official Car of MotoGP

For the 15th year running, BMW will be providing official safety vehicle support again this season for MotoGP. For those unfamiliar to the series, MotoGP is to motorcycle racing what F1 is for cars. It\'s some of the most consistently thrilling road racing you can watch anywhere, and just like F1, most of the time it\'s a challenge to find decent television coverage. With the 2013 season about to kick off in Qatar, BMW will once again be reprising its role as the \"Official Car of MotoGP\".

BMW Motorrad Launching New \”Feed Your Restless\” TV Campaign

For those of us who love to ride motorcycles but also <del>unfortunately</del> live in the midwest or the east coast of the USA, winter is a time of restless impatience. The walls of our offices seem smaller than ever. The wind feels colder. The sky is even more gray. We obsessively watch the 10-day weather projections desperate for more temperate conditions on the horizon. There\'s an itch on our backsides that only a motorcycle in motion can scratch.