BF Garage: Sizing Matters

The new 1 is almost perfect from a intimacy and comfort level for size. Without looking at the dimensions, it \"feels\" the size of an E46 with a bit more room in the back, or maybe it its the angles of everything but it all just feels the way it should. If the rumors come to fruition and the board will green light a 1 series sedan for the US, it would be a huge success with enthusiasts as the size is right and with those that feel the 3er has moved into the stratosphere price wise.

BF Garage: One Year in the 1M – The Last Analog M Car?

Every since I could buy used BMWs I\'ve been searching for the equivalent of the 2002 or even the E30 M3. After 6,500 miles in a 1M I\'m not sure if I\'ve found it. The truth is that the 1M isn\'t a successor to the 2002 or even the E30 M3. It\'s very much its own car. Within the current M range and within the annals of BMW.