18000 Miles in an F20 120d

Part of the perks of moving to Germany is the ability to sample the fruits of European only offerings from BMW- The all new 1 series being one of them. In all honesty it was a huge toss up between the F30 3er and the One when it came to the purchase but the truth is, the 120d just hit the right spot in all areas.

BF Garage: Sizing Matters

The new 1 is almost perfect from a intimacy and comfort level for size. Without looking at the dimensions, it \"feels\" the size of an E46 with a bit more room in the back, or maybe it its the angles of everything but it all just feels the way it should. If the rumors come to fruition and the board will green light a 1 series sedan for the US, it would be a huge success with enthusiasts as the size is right and with those that feel the 3er has moved into the stratosphere price wise.

Jeremy Clarkson Reviews the M135i

The most well known automotive journalist in the world has driven the M135i and like us has fallen in love with the little hatch. The car that has won so many accolades (and made it to the second round of EVO\'s car of the year voting) won\'t be coming to the US but will form the basis of the M235i coupe that will. But enough of that. Let\'s hear what Jezza had to say BMW\'s best attempt ever at a hot hatch.