BMW 4 Series Concept Video

As always the best way to get a feel for a new concept isn\'t through photography but video. And along with the 50+ images that BMW dropped today we also have our first look at the 4 Series in this six minute video walk-through.

BF Analysis & Full Gallery: BMW 4 Series Coupe

As much as BMW\'s design language is lead by the 6 and 7 Series, it\'s typically the 3 Series that is the best resolved aesthetically. The front-end is a particularly well articulated version of BMW\'s recent form language. Then there\'s the mantra that every 3 Series Coupe has followed; lower, wider and sleeker. The 4 Series takes this even further with 5 cm more length, 1.6 cm less height and 4.4 cm more width. It\'s almost enough to move it out of the sports sedan category and into the GT class.

World Premier: BMW 4 Series Concept

Ladies and gentlemen, the curtain has dropped. This is the new BMW 4 Series. Take away the wicker cup holders and quarter inch think leather and you have what will be on dealer lots late next year. The 4 Series picks up from where the E92 3 Series left off. Lower, wider, sleeker and more sophisticated in every succeeding generation, the 3 Series Coupe has increasingly gone further upmarket. With renaming the car the 4 Series BMW is further signaling that this is a car isn\'t just a two door 3 Series.