Chris Harris Buys an E30 and Goes Rallying

Everyone\'s favorite English auto journalist Chris Harris has long talked about his love for old BMWs. Having owned countless M3s and currently an E28 M5 he\'s got quite a bit of experience with vintage Bimmers. So it shouldn\'t come as a surprise that he recently bought a well sorted but rather ragged E30. What may surprise some is that it was bought for one purpose, to rally.

The Best Used 3 Series of All Time

Over the years I\'ve bought everything from E30s to most recently an E61. And the one thing that holds true with all used cars is that the simpler the better. Not just for reliability but also when it comes to driving engagement. And that\'s why the 3 Series has always represented the best choice when it comes to used BMWs. Yet not all 3 Series are created equal when it comes to the used market. So follow us through the years as we look at each of the five generations of 3 Series and how they appeal as used cars.