Video: BMW ALPINA B3 BiTurbo

We are not going to be apologetic in our love of all things Alpina. Sure they are expensive, sure they sometimes can be a bit over the top but that is the whole point. The automobiles that Buchloe churns out are nothing less than stellar when you consider the bespoke nature and exclusivity they represent. The B3 BiTurbo is the essence of performance and luxury wrapped into one. Don’t believe us? Check out the video. The caveat being the US can only dream of this car- especially in wagon form.

BMWUSA Launches the 3 Series Touring Configurator

We\'ve never been subtle about our love of the wagon here at BF. With similar utility to a crossover but with more dynamic qualities they offer the best of both worlds to those who don\'t want to compromise. However they\'ve been a dying breed in the US for many years. Case in point the current 5 Series wagon (the F11) that BMWNA decided to not import. However the F31 is here and as of today, officially in the configurator.