Bi-Turbo and Style, The New Alpina B3 BiTurbo

It takes a lot to be an auto manufacturer in Germany. It takes even more to hang with the best and that is precisely what Alpina has done with their newest offerings (at least on paper). The all new B3 is a slick interpretation of luxury and performance in an exclusive package. Truth is, over the years we have met some seriously passionate BMW personalities but few come close to Alpina\'s proprietor Andreas Boviensapien and we have grown to respect the brand a great deal. As an engineer and race driver that has a knack for building things that get up and go in a hurry Andy shows genuine enthusiasm, as is evident by the twinkle he gets in his eyes when discussing products that are finished up at his Buchloe factory.

BMW at NAIAS: Full Press Conference & Video Tour

NAIAS 2013 represented a big show for BMW in several ways. Most importantly was the introduction of the 4 Series coupe concept. But production cars also had their time in the spotlight with the M6 Gran Coupe and Z4 LCI both debuting in Detroit. The US market also saw the debut of the 320i and the 3 Series Touring. And on top of that there was the press conference with a handful of new details around BMW\'s future in the US and current production status. All told well worth the trip for us. And while we couldn\'t take you with us, we have the next best thing with a full video recap of the show.

BMWNA To Attack the US Market with Six Diesel Models

Thanks to someone with an itchy posting finger at vwvortex we not only have further confirmation of BMWNA\'s diesel plans but a full outline of the models to expect. To recap we\'ve heard from a number of sources over the past year that BMW of North America plans to bring two new diesel engines to the US market. The plan is to focus more on efficiency and less on power as the 335d and X5 35d did with it\'s barn-burning diesel. But what we didn\'t know was the exact model mix BMW intended these engines for.