BMW’s Big Plans for Small M Cars

The success of the 1M and now the M135i have made it obvious to BMW that smaller M products are vital the future of the brand. While the 1M was limited, it sold briskly from the start. The M135i seems to be carrying on that success albeit without the limited edition constraints that 1M had. And it\'s not just BMW that sees the potential market. Both Mercedes and Audi will be coming to market with offerings in the next 1-2 years.

BMW M Offers 1M Owners an Exclusive Shirt

BMW M is extending the exclusivity of the 1M to the apparel world. BMW M is offering owners (verified by VIN) an exclusive short sleeve polo shirt with the owners 1M color and name on it. Read on for the details straight from BMW.

BF Review: MINI JCW Coupe vs BMW 1 Series M Coupe

The high end of the MINI JCW line versus the low-end of the M line. It\'s a little apples to oranges but in the BMW Group empire, these two aren\'t that far apart in positioning and pricing. So what better way to spend a weekend than to take both of these highly coveted cars out to the backroads of the United State midwest and have a face-off.