Breaking: BMW’s Carbon Fiber Suspension Revealed

A year ago here at BF we had revealed that BMW M was working on CF suspension components. More specifically they were to be used in the M3 and M4 as the goal for the M engineers was to get the power to weight ratio of the F80 generation better than that of the E90 CRT. To do that they were exploring every option they had to shave weight, much like a hardcore mountain biker using titanium bolts the guys and gals at M were focussed on the scale.

BimmerFile Review: BMW M3 CRT

The practicality of a four door with the brazen attitude of the track prepped M3 GTS sans roll cage. BMW M has created a car that will give four grown adults the roller coaster ride of their lives.

Gallery: BMW M3 CRT

We are putting the final touches on our review of the limited run BMW M3 CRT. Until then enjoy the world ‘s first action...