BMW M4 Teaser Video

Hear the sound of that engine? Notice the quick revs? And what about that metallic yellow? All questions will be answered Thursday evening in...

Breaking: BMW’s Carbon Fiber Suspension Revealed

A year ago here at BF we had revealed that BMW M was working on CF suspension components. More specifically they were to be used in the M3 and M4 as the goal for the M engineers was to get the power to weight ratio of the F80 generation better than that of the E90 CRT. To do that they were exploring every option they had to shave weight, much like a hardcore mountain biker using titanium bolts the guys and gals at M were focussed on the scale.

Lead Mercedes AMG Engineer Heading to BMW M

According to <a href=\"\">Autocar</a> Arnd Meyer, the man behind all chassis engineering for AMG has left to join BMW M. According to sources meyer will lead all chassis, powertrain, electrics and electronics development in future BMW M models likely starting <em>after</em> the upcoming M3/M4.

BMW M4 Stats & Options Revealed?

Last summer we told you the M4 would be powered by a turbocharged inline six. We know from several sources that that engine will be based on the 3.0L N55. Now we have some further confirmation. Some enterprising gentleman on <a href=\"\">Bimmerpost</a> did some detective work and reverse engineered his way to finding out a number of details about the upcoming M4. In doing so we have some confirmation on several aspects of the car plus a few new details - including the all important engine code.