Video: BMW i3 Teaser

Today BMW launches the all new i3. Designed for Urban mobility, the i3 uses advanced materials and electric drive to provide greater sustainability and efficiency.

Leaked: Official BMW i3 Photos

As these leaked images show, BMW's first electric offering from its sub brand BMWi remains almost the same as the i3 Coupe Concept in terms of interior and exterior styling features. We're headed to the future sans "flux capacitor" it would seem. The i3 consists of a carbon fiber reinforced passenger cabin, known as the Life Module and an aluminum chassis housing the drivetrain/batteries dubbed the Drive module.

BMW i Innovation Days 2013

The BMW i3 is exciting on many levels. While it may not be everyone\'s cup of tea it is ushering in a new era of vehicle manufacturing that is ecological, sustainable and most of all cutting edge. The use of high tech components in the i3 will pave the way for it to trickle down throughout the BMW lineup. We love the idea of a lightweight full on torque car that is both practical and fun, read on for what makes the i3 so revolutionary.