BMW i Innovation Days 2013

The BMW i3 is exciting on many levels. While it may not be everyone\'s cup of tea it is ushering in a new era of vehicle manufacturing that is ecological, sustainable and most of all cutting edge. The use of high tech components in the i3 will pave the way for it to trickle down throughout the BMW lineup. We love the idea of a lightweight full on torque car that is both practical and fun, read on for what makes the i3 so revolutionary.

BMW Launches \”The Electronaut Effect\” a New Digital Tool Offering Drivers Real-Life Data on BMW ActiveE Driving Performance and Benefits

BMW today launched the Electronaut Effect, a new digital tool that gives consumers access to key aggregated data about the range, cost savings and positive environmental impact that actual BMW ActiveE drivers – called “Electronauts” – are experiencing across the country. This unfiltered information, updated weekly, will help inform consumers’ decision about purchasing an electric vehicle.

First Image of Production BMW i3

The first undressed image of the BMW i3 was taken at a recent photo shoot. While much of the styling of the front remains-there are some differences in the production car from the more recent i3 Coupe Concept we have seen.

(Updated) BMWi- Range Extender a Limp Mode?

Range anxiety; it\'s what holds many back from buying an electric vehicle and why BMW has done some serious R&D into a range extender for the i3. Truth be told, this is the car we are interested in adding to the stable and not the pure electric model and its not because of range anxiety- it\'s the being prepared mentality we religiously follow.

BMW i3 in Motion and Out in the World

The i3 Coupe is such a new shape it can be hard to come to terms with how it will actually look in the real world. That\'s what makes this video so interesting - seeing the little electric car on real roads and among real traffic gives you a good indication of size and proportion.

VIdeo Tour of the BMW i3 Coupe Concept

The i3 Coupe has been somewhat of a revelation for us at BF. Where the previous i3 four door concept was futuristic and compelling in a technological sense, the new coupe is almost sexy. There\'s a aggressive done to the belt-line and front-end that the previous concept seemed to hide. And it\'s also much easier to see a production vehicle behind all the orange paint.