BMW to Debut 328d & Active Tourer Concept at the NYC Autoshow

BMWNA has tipped their hat this morning by both naming the 3 Series diesel (the 328d) and by bringing the Active Tourer Concept to a US autoshow. The latter is a bigger deal than you might think considering that BMW doesn\'t bother showing off concepts that aren\'t relevant to the market in question. Therefore we can surmise that not only are front wheel drive BMWs coming but perhaps the new three cylinder engine range as well.

MINI & BMW to Dramatically Expand Small Car Offerings

In various interviews over the past few months, BMW executives have hinted at grand plans for the UKL platform. Reported by both MotoringFile and BimmerFile, the UKL platform will spawn an onslaught of FWD models. This will make MINI more long-term viable and will drive the BMW Group to greater economies of scale. Yet just how far BMW is willing to go with FWD, and how big the MINI brand will get hasn\'t really been understood until recently.