BF Garage: One Year in the 1M – The Last Analog M Car?

Every since I could buy used BMWs I\'ve been searching for the equivalent of the 2002 or even the E30 M3. After 6,500 miles in a 1M I\'m not sure if I\'ve found it. The truth is that the 1M isn\'t a successor to the 2002 or even the E30 M3. It\'s very much its own car. Within the current M range and within the annals of BMW.

BF Review: MINI JCW Coupe vs BMW 1 Series M Coupe

The high end of the MINI JCW line versus the low-end of the M line. It\'s a little apples to oranges but in the BMW Group empire, these two aren\'t that far apart in positioning and pricing. So what better way to spend a weekend than to take both of these highly coveted cars out to the backroads of the United State midwest and have a face-off.