Video: Building the BMW C Evolution

With new technologies, manufacturers are often required to develop new and innovative ways to actually produce the item at hand. In the case of the BMW C Evolution, the world's first 100% electric two-wheeler from a major manufacturer, that manufacturing process appears to be extremely labor intensive at this point. In this <em>How It's Made</em>-style video, we see just how the C Evolution comes together.

Long Term Review: BMW C 600 Sport, C 650 GT

<a href=\"\">ScooterFile</a>\'s Eric Almendral spent nearly a month apiece with BMW\'s revolutionary new maxiscooters. Putting them through their complete paces on the winding roads of southern California, Eric came away with a complete picture of just what these two machines have to offer.

BimmerFile First Ride: 2013 BMW C 600 Sport

Let\'s keep this simple. The BMW C 600 Sport is a midsize sport motorcycle in a scooter form factor. Yet this split personality is no Jeckyll & Hyde dichotomy at odds with its identity. Instead, these two symbiotic aspects of the C 600 Sport\'s character are what make this cross-bred two wheeler remarkable. By purposefully blending segment-leading performance with scooter convenience, BMW has done a cannonball into the maxi scooter market pool.