With the new F 800 GT, BMW has refreshed the previous F 800 ST with a range of features and updates that midsize sport touring riders can enjoy while gobbling up mile after blacktop mile. Bike review and culture site, RideApart, got their hands on the new GT, and tester Tim Watson seems to like the updates.

In a typically German approach to efficient engineering, BMW methodically went back over the ST and ditched a lot of things it (and its customers) really didn’t like. Gone is the ST’s fairing, seating position, suspension settings and overall riding performance that veered towards the sporting and less to the touring.

BMW has up-rated almost everything else that it kept and then added a whole bunch of technical improvements to help propel the F800GT back into the midsize sport touring sector as a serious contender.

Head over to RideApart to read Tim ‘s full review. If you ‘re looking for something in this midsize sport touring class, the F 800 GT has a lot to offer.

Source: RideApart