BMW statement on airbag recalls

BMWNA Statement on voluntary recall involving front passenger seat sensor mat on U.S.A. model BMWs


Today, BMW announced a voluntary recall regarding the front passenger air bag seat sensor mat involving approximately 200,000 Model Year 2004-06 vehicles. Affected are certain Model Year 2006 3-Series, Model Year 2004-06 5-Series, and Model Year 2004-06 X3 vehicles, depending upon seat type. BMW has found that the sensor mat may become damaged during vehicle usage depending upon the manner and frequency of the front passenger ‘s entry and exit. BMW will begin sending customer letters in late September 2008. Affected owners may continue to drive their vehicles; however, customers should contact their BMW Center if the air bag warning lamp, and the passenger air bag “on-off” lamp are illuminated simultaneously. In this situation, BMW recommends customers not to use the front passenger seat and have the vehicle serviced immediately. At the present time, we are unaware of any accidents or injuries as a result of this issue.

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  • Drill

    Isn’t this quite similar to the issues that MINI has had with the US passenger airbag sensor? Same parts or basic design perhaps?

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  • clayton crofton

    I used the mini dealer closest to my residence during its warranty period. I had repeated disappointment in their service and i was not surprised when i carried my s in for the ongoing (before it was out of its 50k warranty) heated seat problem (still unresolved- never fixed at all) and the more recent problem with my airbags. They told me told me that the reason the red and yellow airbag warning lights were on was because of the bad oc-3 mat which was not covered by the extended waranty BMW was offering.

    The service representatives were always polite but their service was never adequate. They word their service reports as if they did some service.

    The next closest dealer is nearly 200 miles, the one I was going to is 150 miles. BMW has awarded them with a franchise in my county so there still will not be a credible dealer anywhere close.

    The dealer stated the oc-3 sensor would cost $1100. I was told it was perfectly safe to drive as it was (the dash would just looks like a Christmas tree). Since I did not have any confidence in anything they said to date, I certainly would not spend good money with them.

    I purchased some 2003 seats on ebay and have found out to my chagrin that the airbag system is different. My fault for not doing the research. Now it seems the dealer might have given me incorrect information again. They stated they have alot of customers with this defect and they are safe. On the basis of the above, having both lights on is not safe.

    Is there anything that can be done without more expense? BMW was always a great car and their dealers were excellent. I have nothing but praise for the local BMW dealer after four BMWs. I have no idea why they chose a dealer that will do nothing but sully their reputation.