Is the M6 Dead?

Britain ‘s Autocar is reporting that the M6 as we know it (a high performance petrol powered M coupe) will not be replaced when the current car goes offline late this year. In its place will be the production version of the Vision Concept with an as yet undetermined engine. On one hand you have the three cylinder turbo charged (potentially using three turbos) diesel with a electric hybrid engine that the Vision Concept had under the hood. Then again M could decide to use a version of the 4.4L twin turbo V8 in the upcoming M5 and BMW could use the three cylinder turbo diesel for the 1 and 3 products.

We ‘re not entirely sure this line of thinking is accurate. For instance why would BMW not leverage an existing engine (designed for the M5) in an existing chasis (the new 6er) and charge upwards of 100k for it?

Regardless of whether the M6 is built or not the Vision production car would likely be marketed as an entirely new product outside of the normal 5 and 6 series range.

Look for more news on the 2012 6 Series in the next few weeks.

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  • bmw

    Hi Mike, Scott says the report is false. I’d rather listen to a BMW insider than Autocar!

  • Autocar is not entirely incorrect- I will expand on this in a short while but they are not 100% correct on this….


    This is the reason i stoped buyinhg autocar. They talk a lot off crap. This is the thing with a weekly mag. they run out off things to report which are facts. so they make things up. and Bimmerfile should know better then to re-hash this rubish. so are you telling us there will be an x6 m but no m6. come on. I saw a black one today bloody beautiful

  • JonPD

    Think its more likely that the next M6 will use some of the principles of the Vision Concept. Hopefully we will see a mid-engine R8 competitor.

  • EMPOWER- We are not rehashing- we are reporting what they are saying and if you note my comment above-

    “Autocar is not entirely incorrect- I will expand on this in a short while but they are not 100% correct on this….”

    Things are a changing and they will be surprising, if you listen to the BimmerCasts I have been hinting at some of these changes- the US not getting the F11 was one of them, as well as the sedan ///M3 getting knocked off next go around (as some other magazines have now just started reporting).

    We keep you up to date with our own information and cite other sources as well to keep everyone abreast of the rumblings… sometimes those things work out to be true. And while Scott is a fantastic resource he has not been 100% accurate either. I can say that we have great sources and when we are wrong we tell you.


  • M3 Sedan is gonna be gone again? Everybody poo pood BMW for not having it in the e46 erra and they bring it back and people dont buy so its leaving again? eeerrrr.

    Also, please, dont kill the M6. BMW needs some higher end performance beasts. A hardtop M6 sounds pretty dang nice.


    MICHEAL i will bet my mint e30 325i m sport there will be an m6. We will see and if they call it an m650 i will still win. because the first m6 was sold as an m635 in europe and m6 in the us


    I also bet there will be an 4 door 6 er aswell a baby cs

  • EMPOWER- Re-read my response I stated that they were not entirely correct.

    There will be (AT LEAST) 3 body styles of the new 6er.

    I am not contending that the next generation will get the ///M treatment, we will explain soon.