BMW NA Stops All Euro Parts Sales

We ‘ve heard from several sources that BMW North American has ceased all sales of European parts within the US through dealers. Primarily that means things like euro rotors (for the E46), rear foglight switches and the like. The reason? Our sources are telling us that another automaker had an issue with some European parts failing on cars in the US and that BMW NA ‘s legal department made the move to quash all sales of non-US parts at US dealers.

What this means is that savvy parts departments (you know, the ones we all love) are frankly going to be hurting as sales of several key Euro pieces will be no more. It also means that those of us in the US who want these parts will have to rely on 3rd party companies and individuals selling often times over the web.

We ‘re hoping that someone at BMW NA legal comes to their senses but we ‘re not holding our breath.

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  • We saw this coming for sometime, I am honestly surprised it took this long. It is not BMWs fault in the end, in our over litigious society some poor soul would have sued them over a faulty part (and more than likely won) even though it was never intended for this market.

    They have to do what they have to do, but at the same time maybe they should see this well established grey market as a market that was not being served properly and just offer the parts to the US after some testing/ DOT approval. Or why can’t not certified parts just have a release of liability with the sale as Motorsports parts do?

    There are times in bad weather I wish I had rear fog lights (Heck MINI gets them as a US option). If I had an E46 I would be all over the better rotors, then there are the little things like a warning triangle.

    I am more concerned about the BMW name being used illegitimately by third parties- maybe legal should look into that as uneducated consumers may think that some of these fly by night “brokers are really BMW corporate. Granted thing like this should be buyer beware.

  • JonPD

    Sad and silly!

    I understand why they made this change, still not happy with this change.

  • goat

    That is sad… wonder if BMW dealers in Canada will still be ok to order euro parts?

  • Satch

    Maybe BMW NA should spend more time investigating why the parts that are already on the US&C cars are failing. HPFP….?

    I can’t buy a new light switch that will give me rear fogs because it might fail, meanwhile many of us are on our second and third fuel pumps.

    It’s a forest for the trees situation.

  • chas58

    I’m not sure this is a big market, or a big loss for them. I have Euro mirrors, but that is about the only thing I’m interested in. Only the hard core enthusiast is going to know enough about European parts to ask for them.

    (The Euro fog light switch was discontinued almost a year ago, but you can convert your own switch with a little DIY).