Top Gear\’s Jeremy Clarkson Reviews the 1M

…And loves it. To quote Jeremey Clarkson, “it ‘s a brilliant brilliant car “. It went on to post a 1:25 time around the Top Gear track besting the E92 M3. It even beat the Cayman R and Evora S in a drag race at the track. (video after the break)

Our favorite quote? “Honestly I haven ‘t driven anything this perfect since the original Golf GTI “.

But the 1M didn ‘t fare perfectly. On one of the runs the new Stig got it a little tail happy and… well you can see above. There was (as they say in Britain) an off.

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  • Peter Brecht

    Awesome review as usual by Top Gear. This car would be amazing to drive.

  • JonPD

    Great video and I think Jeremy was spot on with the reason for the stock Z4 motor, BMW realized that the rather portly M3 could be embarrassed. Sad part is though that instead of taking this to heart BMW is working on turning out more ///Momsport autos.

  • sackboy

    Reply to JonPD – WHY criticize BMW about offering , I guess hes referring to X5Ms , when they at least DO BUILD the BEST in BOTH categories?? Should they still ONLY construct E30 M3`s?? !!! This new little 1er is COOL AS HECK !!!  By far best 4seater since the ORIGINAL, former best? Got that??  sackboy

    • JonPD

      X5 M, X6 M, the upcoming X3/4 M, and the X1 M. ///Momsport has not seen a SUV they don’t think is deserving the ///Momsport badge.  Last time I checked ///M stood for Motorsport. I failed to notice the BMW X5/X6 entry into the 24 hours at the ring. I have no issue with ///M working on the cross overs however I think they should be ///M Sport vehicles.

      I like much about the new 1M, I admit I would have rather seen them do some work under the bonnet but totally agree with Jeremy that the most likely reason they did not is to preserve the placement of the rather portly E90 M3.

      • Adam

        Well if this means you wont buy an M, simply just because they happen to have made two SAV models and MIGHT add a third (with a rudimentory F30 M3 destined engine) then by all means but lets look at it this way: AMG slap there tuning and badge on almost every model Mercedes makes, including the R-Class.  Audi is producing S variations of its Q models as seen in spy photos.  Lets expand further here, Ferrari now offer an AWD hatchback, two affronts to a very traditional company, Porsche offer an SUV soon to be two (the so-called Cajun) and the Panemera.  So if you would like to complain about such things as M SAV’s, oh I should also point out that Maserati is planning an SUV, Lamborghini is also considering it.  With that all said pride is in your product, the future is about moving forward and if M make some money selling your much hated M SAV’s then more power to them because that money they make will be put right back into products, the new F10 M5 is an example. 

        • JonPD

          I hear you Adam and have to say that I would not hesitate buying a ///M just because of the ////Momsport wagons. I however think that BMW had something special with ///M because of the clarity of what ///M stood for. ///M is now more of a AMG feel to me. I also do wonder about the total sales volumes fo rhte /Momsports, each of these cars are not exactly cheap to develop and produce and I have the feeling taht the sales market for them are likely pretty low volume vehicles. Not exactly a great way to make a ton of money if so I would think.. I see a place for performance crossovers in BMW just wished they didn’t whore the ///M badge though to do it.

          I was going to pick up a 1m but for me personally when it came time to do this I had the option to spend a bit more money to pick something up and ended up with a Porsche that feels special from top to bottom. It was either that or pick up a 1M and start tunning it to make the motor feel a little special.

          • Products like the X5M and X6M make cars like the 1M viable. And yes they are profitable as well. That’s especially important for products that are as controversial as the XM twins.

          • JonPD

            Could be just my perception Gabe but I think that most of the money flowing into BMW for ///M sales are firmly on the shoulders of the M3. I think that M3 sales dwarf the sales of the rest of the ///M cars combined,

            Don’t get me wrong as BMW did a great job with 95% of the 1M and I still believe its going to be one heck of a car for sure, and likely to be something special in the brand for a long time.

  • DavidB

    Guys. Is it okay if I got goosebumps from this vid? Oh my.

  • DavidB

    Guys. Is it okay if I got goosebumps from this vid? Oh my.

  • Paul Brun

    drool……this car is amazing…….

  • Anonymous

    Ahhhh the tail happiness, as we have said this car is more difficult to drive, requiring more driver skill but it is so rewarding- it is a hoot!

  • Dr Obnxs

    Lucky Jeremy. His car has no sunroof. And he didn’t have to wear a helmet. Those two together would eat up about 4″ of head room. As much as I love the driving dynamics of the 1, I can’t get comfortable in it for track work without leaning the seat more than I like. (Will the 1M have a sunroof in the US?)

    The drag race stunt was cute, but really, both the other cars, while quick, aren’t really pointed at drag racing as their forte. The lotus didn’t hook up that well at the launch either. But all the cars are within driver reactions for the quarter. There are lots of ways to skin the cat for sure.

    Very entertaining review for sure. My favorite line was “there’s room for two kids in the back, and two more in the trunk!”


  • Anonymous

    Entertaining review from Top Gear as always.

    If I were in search of a small 2+2 car in this price range, I think this would be 1st on my list. I read this somewhere else, but the 1M seems to be what the M3 should have been. Lighter (somewhat) and smaller dimensions. The wider track and other minor style adjustments of the 1M transform the rather dull and odd looking (IMO) 128i/135i into something very stylish.

    As it stands now, I will either get a MINI JCW or 128i with M package. Hard to decide, but I suspect with my daily driving style, the MINI will win out for now and a 1M will be in my future.

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