The Nordschleife Nurburgring has been synonymous with the BMW brand since the 1930 ‘s. BMW and its products are probably more closely tied to the ‘Ring than any other manufacturer. Every car BMW designs and engineers ultimately makes its way to the ‘Ring for what some would consider the most important part of its development process.

The beauty of the Nordschleife is that you can actually drive any street legal car on it much of the year. All it takes is around $30 and you have a chance to tackle the most famous (and perhaps dangerous) track in the world. Having driven it in the past I can tell you that there is simply nothing that can totally prepare you for the experience. No matter how great video games have become, there is no way they can match the sensation of the real track. And beyond that the paddock area is about as close to automotive heaven as you can get. Every kind of car from every manufacturer is there in one of the best impromptu car shows you ‘ll ever see.

So to celebrate the 2008 season at the Nordschleife we ‘re presenting an official BMW PDF all about the history and the track. It ‘s mainly a tour of the track taken as you drive around it with Jorg Müller while he gives a detailed assessment of every twist and turn. A highly recommended read for anyone with interest in the ultimate track.

+ The Nordschleife Line / Sport Auto (by BMW) (2003)

You can see more photos of my 2007 trip to the ‘Ring below.

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