The newest Z4 has been getting  someplay around the car world recently due to the numerous spy photos that have appeared. It has dropped its cladding and is now sporting some vinyl swirls.

Our sources have given us some clues to what the lines of the car will end up being and if you look closely the lines are there though muted. It will have the reverse of the CS broken shoulder line. The front line will go down towards the rear wheel arch and stop and above the rear wheel arch the rear character line will come down towards it but not intersect.

The car is going to be much more aggressively styled than the soon to be released 7 and takes many cues from the CS.Construction of the new Z4 will utilize lighter materials such as the full aluminium front end like the E60 and additional aluminium body panels. Even the folding hardtop will be a lighter steel than used in the E93 3er Cabrio.

Further information we have obtained indicates that I the E89 Z4 was at Geneva (VIP for the Swiss, “What you get in 2008 “) alongside the F01 in a back room. So it is essentially ready to roll and under going final testing. Indication are that BMW will be launching this car before the end of the year and in time for the holiday shopping season.

This new information also reveals that the Z will be optionally equipped with a dumbed down version of the DCT next; before it will be released to the 3er. The E89 will also debut a new and exclusive suspension system called: BMW Agile Drive. It is essentially a specialized adjustable dampening system, to combat the VAG magnetic ride. The E89 will also feature a new specialized rear differential; to be marketed as the Z-Differential. All of these technologies and an enhanced chassis and structure will make this version a driving machine once again, more in line with what BMW originally intended for this model line!

Others have discussed the possibility of a soft top fabric roof; sources indicate that there will be an available soft top for countries outside the US in combination with lower displacement diesel engines and the full range of Efficient Dynamics options (start/stop, regenerative breaking, etc.) to promote a lighter more efficient version of the sporty roadster. Our sources indicated this model currently is not destined for our shores (though the possibility of the soft top does remain as an option down the road).

For this reason the forthcoming Z2 is specifically going to be initially marketed at the US as it will feature a soft top. Think Z4 as the 3 series roadster and the Z2 the 1 series roadster. The Z2 will feature a smaller stature and a reduced weight. Our sources do indicate this will be the return to a BMW 4 cylinder in the US. The engine to be used in this application is rumored to actually be similar to the JCW 4 cylinder turbo from the MINI line which was co-developed with PSA not a 10k revving engine, but things may change and sources are not always able to see new developments years in advance.

BMW is shooting for the Boxster and Cayman with this rendition of the Z, let ‘s hope that they can pull it off. The E89 will be manufactured in Germany unlike the current US produced version.