This rendering once again shows us how the rear of the forthcoming Z4 may appear. It has the reversed shoulder line as we had discussed in the past as well has the hard lines from the front. BMW ‘s use of design cues from the CS and also the GINA concept are apparent in the overall style of this car.

Sources have indicated that the DCT transmission will undoubtedly appear in this car (as can be seen in some spy shots) as well as advanced suspension technologies. The name of this car is still up for debate and there has been some indication that not unlike the “X ” models the “Z ” will now have a longer badge and name; “sDrive ” being one such possibility.

BMW will be putting a lot of effort into making this version of the Z4 return to a sportier more performance driven car. We are excited to see some of these renderings and like the overall look of the car. If the performance comes close to the look, BMW will once again have a winner in the “Z “. We hope to see the “concept ” version this fall.

Rendering: Scoopy/MotorDN