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This may just be one of the simplest to install accessories you can add to your E90 3 Series BMW. No tools required; that is right NO tools! So those of you afraid of a wrench or messing with the “ultimate driving machine ” you are safe with this one.

In about 15 minutes you can add some functional storage to the underside of the rear-shelf. This drawer works great for keeping miscellaneous items (such as bike components) from banging around the trunk. It also allows easy access to these items even when other stuff is taking up the main trunk area; the major setback to storing things under the cargo floor. As you can see from these photos; BMW over engineered the drawer and it even retains the ability to hold up the lower load floor to make accessing items under it easier.

There are three parts for this install:

Luggage Compartment Drawer Part # 51477131155

Left Adapter Part #51476956665

Right Adapter Part #51476956666

Pricing varies from dealer to dealer but as with many BMW parts you may find the best prices at GetBMWParts

Thanks Nick!