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Official Release: Walking up to your car – particularly at night – the first thing you notice once you have unlocked the car by remote control is the interior lights coming on. And precisely this was the starting point for the BMW Group’s light designers, in asking what new technologies would be able to offer in this respect.

Once you have arrived at your car, the seat is your permanent companion, generally remaining unnoticed, on every trip you take. So how can the car seats of the future be made lighter but nevertheless remain comfortable and safe? Answering this question, BMW Group experts have developed three different seat concepts, the best features of which will go into the series development of future seats.

Information and entertainment functions in the car are increasing in both magnitude and significance. So what must displays be able to offer in technical terms in future and how can they be integrated attractively in the car to meet these demands? Different display locations call for new technical solutions – and again, the BMW Group is perfectly prepared.

The acoustic experience in the car has a sub-conscious but significant effect on the driver and passengers. The research prototype by the BMW Group’s acoustic engineers therefore offers personalised and emotional driving experi- ence through active sound design.

+ Full Release: BMW Innovation Days 2009 Interior, Infotainment, Mobility / PDF (13mb)