This week ‘s Ask BF comes from reader Bob Hayhurst:

>Currently I have an E30 and a R56 and both BimmerFile and MotoringFile are taylor made for me.Now my question. The other night I watched a show about the worlds largest car transport ship named the Faust out of Sweden.They were shipping both MINI ‘s and BMW ‘s (among others) from England to the US.I noticed on the BMW ‘s that each car had what appeared to be a coating of sorts which was evenly applied and which caused each cars paint to have a dull and flat appearence. I don ‘t think it was dirt or gime and it did not seem to be visible on the MINI ‘s, Jag ‘s or Rolls Royces.If you know; is this some type of protective coating applied to the cars for shipping?I ‘m more curious then anything, Thanks Gabe for both sites,

Thanks for the kind words. The material you are talking about is called Cosmoline. It is a thick waxy substance BMW coats the vehicles in for shipment. It is removed by a hot water wash at the US port, separated and then recycled. BMW ‘s X5 and X6 vehicles wear protective cloth bags that are reused. On newer cars you can sometimes see during the hot summer wax like drips coming out of the door seams.