We ‘ve got specs of every model for every market except the 528i destined for the US. That model will use a slightly different engine from the 528i in the PDF below (output will be lowered to 240hp).

One of the more interesting things to note. The new 5er ‘s loss of some aluminum in its structure has added to the unladen weight. The E60 530d for instance weighted in at 3,483 lbs. The new F10 530d with the same engine comes in at a hefty 3,780 lbs. Yes that ‘s a difference of 297 pounds! The 530d in question is a Euro model with the single turbo diesel 3.0L. And as you ‘d expect BMW has upped the power by 7 hp and the torque by 30 in an effort to counter the weight increase.

+ 2011 BMW 535i 550i Sedan / Official Specifications PDF

+ BMW 523i 528i Sedan / Official Specifications PDF

+ BMW 520d 525d 530d Sedan / Official Specifications PDF