One of our favorite public sources Scott26 has dropped the bomb that BMW may be considering a lighter and faster E92 M3 to coincide with the M3 GT2 race car. As you read on BF the car and the team has found some recent success and it would seem BMW is ready to capitalize on it. The info (posted on looks relatively sound based on our sources and would make sense. Now the question, will they bring it to the US? Here ‘s an excerpt:

>Plans are in the running for another ltd edition to eclipse the current and sold out GTS , success in this race is one factor , but also continuing success in the ALMS and the Jeff Koons liviered M3 that will race this years 24hr Le Mans.

>Already in planning in the design stages the conventional M3 body style remains although the rear arches are more massaged and wider leading into the side sills , The wheels use a Y-shape design in 5 spokes said to be much lighter than the competition spec wheels. At the front the usual M3 aerodynamics stay but a double lip spoiler protrudes from the front a few inches. The rear retains the carbon fibre adjustible spoiler from the GTS. This is where it gets interesting in eclipsing the GTS in weight reduction. The roof remains carbon Fibre , but the bonnet and rear deck lid now join them , The lightweight glass as found on the GTS remains. Power details are not known but the engineers have been working on getting more power from the V8 which will be matched to a DCT transmission. The car could also use the incoming M5 ‘s KERS regenerative braking and boost function.

>As for the M3 GTS very bright Inka Orange , the design concept for this M3 is finished in Stealth Frozen matte black with matching wheels. And like the GTS expect another ltd edition and another premium.

+ Tribute To Success…. BMW M3 GTS-R