Let ‘s start with what we know. On both the running prototype (we saw at Ascari last month) and the Valencia Orange prototype seen at Oktoberfest the 1M has been shod with M3 sourced 245/35/19s in the front and 265/35/19s in the rear. The wheels are identical (as far as we can tell) to the 19 ” competition wheels (style 359) found on the current M3.

What we don ‘t know is if these are the stock wheels or an upgrade standard 18 ‘s (we ‘re guessing the latter).

Now onto what we do know. Those look to be 100% stock M3 brakes and not the six piston Brembos found on the 135i. Also seen here is some type of cooling device in front of the left front tires (likely for cooling the turbos).


All this makes it very clear that M raided the M3 ‘s parts bin in a big way with this car. Sure that means little in the way of bespoke parts but remember the 1M is all about a lower cost M car with more feel and less bling. And sometimes the parts bin approach can create something truly magical.

Perhaps the most recent example would be the MINI JCW GP. It was a quick to market parts bin infused car that became an instant classic and continues to gain in value only four years after being released.

Look for a wrap-up of the full event and a overview of the 1M recapping and revealing a bit more of what we know.