A 1addicts user stumbled onto something. What we can ‘t be 100% sure but it clearly looks interesting.Here ‘s an excerpt from the post:

>It looks to me that this is confirmation that the new 1M will have 250 Kw N54engine. That is 340 HP. Engine code: N54B3OTO

>What is even more interesting is the highlight text! Looks like BMW is thinking about a special US only model with 332 Kw or 451 HP! I personally think this will be the engine that ends up in the next M3. I don ‘t think BMW will offer a 1M with this sort of HP power. But seeing it on the screen is very interesting indeed!

>It also looks to be the very same 1M Engine code: N54B3OTO, which would suggest that with only a tune/SW the 1M engine will make another 100 Hp!!! Food for thought!

Here ‘s our take this could very well be either the next generation M3 engine or potentially something that shows up in a as yet unknown Z4M or X3M type of prodcut? It certainly is not meant for a 1 Series.

Update: One thing to note – both the 340 hp and the 451 hp version have the same N54B3OTO code name. Could it be possible that the changes are simply on the software side? Can you imagine what that means for molding a 1M? And unlike the 135i, the 1M ‘s drivetrain can easily handle much more power since it ‘s donor car was the M3.

We ‘ll know more in the months ahead.