We ‘ve talked a lot about the new M car over the past six months. Everything from design to European delivery. But with its NAIAS in the rearview mirror we thought it was a good time to recap what we know and tell you about a few new wrinkles for the 1M in the US.

Ordering & Pricing

Ordering has begun and a base price ($47,010 including delivery) has been announced. But what we don ‘t know yet are individual prices for options. However a quick look at 2011 1 Series pricing gives us a clue. But what about those enthusiast unfriendly options packages? As we exclusively revealed on BF a few weeks ago (and had confirmed by BMW NA M Brand Manager Matt Russell via our interview last week) BMW will be making some key options stand alone. We ‘ve confirmed both BMW Assist/Bluetooth and iPod connector will be offered stand alone. We also believe Navigation stands a chance as well (if I have any say – see the interview).


While original proposals called for a large amount of accessories (a la MINI) in the end low volume of the car has made that impossible. Nevertheless BMW M will be releasing a small collection of aftersales parts for the 1M. The one we ‘ve talked about for more than a month now has already gotten some press; CSL style graphics. The graphics will be sold as an accessory and installed by individual dealers. Also likely will be the BMW Performance spoiler (since it ‘s already sold for other 1 series coupe models with an identical trunk) and the short shift kit. Regarding the latter, our preference would be for the kit sans shift knob and in talking with people at BMW that should be technically doable. For those who haven ‘t felt it, the combination of the 1 Series gearbox and the BMW Performance short shift kit results in what we feel is likely the best manual experience of any BMW made currently.

One other interesting note about BMW performance parts – we do not know if the six piston brakes would fit on the 1M given all of the M3 suspension components. If could be possible that there would be one of two hard points that wouldn ‘t allow for a easy swap.

What about lightweight 18 ” aftermarket wheels? The benefit of basing the suspension (and yes even the sub-frame) on the M3 is that anything that fits the M3 should fit the 1M. Tires, wheels and even upgraded brake pads and rotors meant for the M3 should slot right onto the 1M without issues.


Production & Euro Delivery

As far as numbers go we expect anywhere from 2000 to 3500 to be built based solely on demand. But as Dr. Kay Segler said himself, the production process that integrates the 1M into the normal 1 Series line (like the M3) is entirely flexible. The means beyond the week 6 launch cars (which will either be first orders or dealer demo cars) M will simply build a 1M every time someone orders one. While we also expect some dealers to spec-order a few, the vast majority of 1Ms built throughout 2011 will be custom orders by expectant owners.

With the 2012 model year starting in March for the 1 Series range we could see the 1M be built from March to November as a single model year. However BMW typically makes a model year change-over in September. Could we perhaps see 2-4 month of m/o 2012 production of the 1M? Time will tell. Also what about Military sales? We ‘ve heard that our friends in the military will have to wait until November production for their allotment however given the nature of these things that may change.

European delivery has been a question we ‘ve been asked for months now. We ‘re happy to report that BMWNA will offer Euro delivery on the 1M as they do on all other M cars. And according to our interview with Matt Russell from BMW M/BMWNA we should expect the same 7% discount via ED that we get with the 1 Series and M cars. On a $47,010 BMW 1M that comes out over a $3,000 savings. Not a bad way to finance the trip of a life-time.