We have seen BMW build limited edition runs of the ///M3 in many markets. From the ///M3 “Edition “, to the “Tiger Edition ” in China and even the matte grey version for the US, so why not build a “Sportwagon ” ///M3? Rumors are floating around that ///M may be toying with this idea and that they had built a tester early on in the E9X development so it is a distinct possibility.

For all of you getting ready to say that there would be too much work required- not really, it would just be the rear quarters of the sheet metal and the rest would be bolt ons (sound familiar?). The real question is if the car would sell. If this limited run of less than a hundred for worldwide sales is even to be formally considered BMW would need to at least break even on the car. This means it would have a fairly significant price premium over other models (our best guess would be around $65k with a full carbon fiber roof). If you factor in the limited numbers, the practicality and performance that is actually significantly less than say even an X5 ///M so while expensive it is not astronomical.

As wagon lovers we are all for an M3 wagon, it would be a way for wagons (at least in the US) to go out with a BANG! and be the answer to the CTS-V, Mercedes and Audi performance wagons that are currently running around with no competition from BMW. Will the market support such a car is an entirely different question and more than likely the answer will be one that we rather not hear.