In addition to the new clip has posted a small interview with M Boss Dr. Kay Segler.

> Dr. Segler, have you driven the new BMW M5 yet? What can you tell our readers?

>Dr. Kay Segler: We believe the new BMW M5 is one of the most fascinating expressions of the BMW M genes ever seen. A business sedan and an automobile with the emotional density and driving experience of a supersports car.

>Many of our customers are highly successful business people who wish to sense the same intensity in their automobile as they do in their lives generally – every second they spend at the wheel.

>With the same dedication which is so often the secret of our customers ‘ success, our engineers have created an incomparable car.

>With the BMW M5 our aim is to make automobile dreams come true – and that means your dreams. Many of those waiting impatiently for the new BMW M5 know what I ‘m talking about.

>Send us the dreams you personally associate with the new BMW M5.

>We will send out invitations to some of those who send in their ideas within the Online Closed Room of They will have the opportunity to take part in the last setup test drives and exclusive launch events for the new BMW M5