The BMW ///M3 has been accused of being the poor man ‘s super car; while something that costs over $60k should never be considered cheap or for the poor it is relatively accurate when considering it is often compared to cars two times that price. It is tough to make something so special even better, and that was my initial concern when we heard BMW was coming out with a Performance line for the ///M3.

Anyone can lay up Carbon Fiber and offer it up as styling accessories, and there are countless companies you will never read about on this site that do just that. These aftermarket brands often design these spoilers, lips and other accouterments to look aggressive and to add a bling factor. Has BMW succumbed to the current market and created a line of parts that are really only eye candy? Of course not.

The only real way to test aerodynamic components is in a wind tunnel. M Perormance as the official ///M accessory brand has designed many of the parts in the wind tunnel to be both stylish and functional, setting them apart from the vast majority of M3 styling accessories.

The front carbon fiber splitters add downforce and channel more cool air into the brakes. Yes, there really is a channel to direct air to the brakes and is very obvious when you get the ///M3 up on a lift. These carbon fiber units are held on by screws and the same adhesive used to keep a windshield in place so they can handle the load without any trouble.

The aggressive rake of the carbon fiber rear spoiler was optimized for both drag and getting an appropriate balance of fore- aft downforce. The angle is even greater than that of the BMW Performance 135i rear spoiler we reviewed previously. In person the angle is almost unbelievable, but definitely proves the point that in order to be optimized for function such components need to be tested properly and not just solely on what looks “right “. Being made of beautifully laid carbon fiber and featured on a white car it just pops and looks sensational.

To go along with these functional components, M Performance offers black side markers, black kidney grills and Carbon Fiber mirror caps. These parts add to the overall look of the accessorized vehicle and allow some individualization. In a period of time when cars are seemingly becoming the same it is reassuring to know that you can purchase products that the manufacturer stands behind with a warranty and the fit will be factory perfect (remainder of the new vehicle warranty if installed before delivery or two years if added on later).

All of these M Performance parts look great in real life and the fit and finish are what we have come to expect from BMW. There is something to be said about parts that are tested and designed by the manufacturer. You can contact your local dealer for more information.