About a month ago we brought you the news of BMW M ‘s plans to expand and innovate through new models and technologies. We told you about X3 M, the possibility of a new Z4 M and perhaps most interestingly a secret mid-engined car that would be M ‘s first unique product since the M1. With almost a month since our first mention, we thought it was a good time to take another look at the rumor and the idea.

However we should make it clear that the car, internally as the “M One “, is simply a idea and a series of sketches. According to BMW insider Scott26, It could be anything from a Audi R8 to a Porsche Cayman competitor. And along those lines the engine could range from anything from a F30 M3 derived turbo-charged inline six or even the M5 ‘s twin turbo V8. But there is another idea that could be much more relevant to a future caught up in sustainability. How does a ultra lightweight mid-engined coupe (with technology shared with the i3 and i8) powered by a 3 or 4 cylinder twin turbo sound? Yes the formula isn ‘t defined and it could turn into something we ‘ve really never seen before from M let alone BMW.

With the F20/F30 ‘s modular architecture it is feasible that BMW could leverage a series car in creating something entirely unique and keeping costs down. But do we want this kind of car? Do you? Is this the kind of halo M car that we ‘ve all wanted? Sound off in the comment section below.

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