Our favorite (public) BMW insider Scott26 has given us some insight into BMW ‘s strategy around the next M3. It would appear that BMW is considering expanding the next generation M3 range from the coupe, sedan and convertible to include more models. But what ‘s really interesting the engine. As you heard on BimmerCast #52 (recorded earlier this week) BMW M will be introducing a new engine to power it ‘s smaller M cars based on the N55.

Here ‘s the full test from the source (as posted on M3post)

BMW X3M – 2013

High Performance SAV for the Premium Entry Segment.Groundbreaking debut for new M developed engine which will spread across other models.

The M3 Coupe – 2014

High Performance Luxury Coupe in it ‘s fifth generation.

Plans are also in motion for a series of editions of M3 to capitalize in on (future?) Motorsport success in a similar fashion to the Porsche 911 – GT3/GT2. Expect them to focus on Competition , Motorsport and Lightweight with varying Performance.

The M3 Cabrio – 2015

Retaining a folding hard-top for exclusivity , The current E92 has been successful in emerging markets were blue skies reign, in some aspect outselling or equalling Coupe sales in some markets.

The M3 Gran Coupe – 2016

BMW are not overwhelmed with sales reaction to the current car. But recognize that there is interest for a future variant , however a Gran Coupe essentually a four door variant of the forthcoming F32 Coupe will replace the sedan with a more stylish and performance orientated four door Coupe shape.

The BMW X4M – 2015

High Performance entry segment of downsized “Sport Activity Coupe ” concept

The M3 Touring – 2015

For the first time BMW M will hopefully commit to an M3 Touring , largely based on demand from European customers who had to forfeit for the larger M5 Touring when wanting a high performance Wagon from BMW M. Demand for the updated C63 AMG is also influential as will the imminent Audi RS4 Avant.