BMW M Brand Manager Matthew Russell made it official this week at NAIAS. Production for the 1M in the US is over and the final tally is 740 unit. The much lauded baby M car was produced from March to November of this year as a 2011 model. But why no 2012 when it ‘s still finishing its production run outside the US?

According to Russell it wasn ‘t a question of emissions, but simply the quantity needed to certify homologation for the US market. While we had been reporting for quite some time about the one and done nature of the 1M, quite a few BMW fans held out hope for something turning up in 2012.

Worldwide Dr. Kay Segler told us that colors were split very evenly. However according to Matthew Russell the US saw the popularly go from Valencia Orange, Alpine White and Black.

When we asked Dr. Segler if BMW would ever do another 1M with the same exclusivity he emphatically said “NO “.