The M6 Coupe made its official world debut at this past Geveva Autoshow, its US debut was in NY and it is set to go on sale late this summer. At the Geneva show, we were directed to look under the rear bumper as the M6 has a rear tray and diffuser designed to produce increased down force- making a trunk mounted lip spoiler reportedly unnecessary. That said, BMW M has recently made a change to the car ‘s aero dynamics and added a trunk mounted lip spoiler. But why would BMW make such a drastic last second change?

According to a high ranking official that requested to remain nameless until official communication is made (if it is), the M6 Coupe ‘ requires the newly added rear lip spoiler to increase down forces at high speeds. This became apparent in further testing of production cars. The decision was made to include it as part of the cars aero dynamic feature set.

The decision was not so easy apparently, because there were some that felt it took away from the GT “look ” of the car and that some buyers in this category may not want a spoiler (no matter how small) on the trunk. At the end of the day M stands for performance and that spoiler improves it enough that M added it to the car.

In certain markets where speed limits are lower and buyers do not track cars regularly it may be an option to “delete ” the spoiler if the buyer so desires.

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