Since BMW announced the creation of its C-series scooters, two questions have been burning in my mind:

  1. Will these bikes come to the US market?
  2. If so, when?

ScooterFile ‘s Eric Almendral broke the story today on our sister site that answers both questions. Yes, and Next month.

ScooterFile has been informed that U.S. dealers will be receiving training on themodels in the next few weeks and that demos will arrive on most dealer floors the first week in November. Those interested in test riding one should contact their local BMW motorcycle dealer.

Naming conventions aside, both models feature chain-driven 647cc twin cylinder engines capable of 60hp and 109mph top speeds, making them more powerful than their closest US competitor (in terms of displacement), the Suzuki Burgman 650. While MSRPs of $10,690 (Sport) and $11,090 (GT) put the BMWs at the apex of the scooter price scale, the prestige of the familiar blue and white roundel combined with performance, sportier styling and “Highline” trim package (including heated grips and seat and tire press monitors) may be enough to lure in buyers new to the scooter market or away from the $9,899 Burgman.

For those not hip to the big scooter scene, Suzuki has dominated this segment with their Burgman 650 for what feels like decades. Yet the space is seeing all manner of new players from Aprilia and Honda. The market opportunity to create not simply a big scooter, but a capable, contemporary commuting machine is significant. BMW ‘s upcoming offerings are definitely the least me-too of the crowd — offering BMW ‘s usual focus on performance and technology. Especially considering the all-electric concept version of the C shown at Paris this year. All three bikes seem to have a lot more to offer than simply being “a Barcalounger on wheels ” like classic maxi scooters.

[Source: ScooterFile]