Customer BMWs can go very well or go very very wrong. Consider this a case of the former in the most extreme sense. Marc Norris ‘s Bavarian Workshop has taken the best bits of the E30 M3 (namely the famous S14 four cylinder), the E21, more than a few custom bits and delicately integrated it into the BMW that started it all. The 2002 provides a light and naturally quick witted chassis that offers what must be an incredible driving experience. It ‘s all worth a look in the video above.

And what about the idea of the M2? Yes BMW will be introducing such a car sometime in 2015. The M2 will be the spiritual successor to the 1M but with much more production and a full range of options (including DCT). Rumors point to a traditional rear wheel drive layout with a turbo four cylinder engine producing over 330 hp and loads of torque. Things should get a bit more clear in the next 12 months but suffice to say, this won ‘t be the last time we see the M2 moniker.