All BMWs now come with a rocker that allows drivers to switch from through various drive settings ranging typically from ECO Pro to comfort to sport. On the i3 that “sport” setting is notably absent. When I saw that Monday I was taken aback. The idea of “sport” is such an essential part of BMW’s DNA it seemed at odds with any product that wore the roundel. But after learning more about the program and talking with a few BMW representatives, the idea of a sporty i3 seems less of an “if” than a “when”.

BMW is in the business of building the ultimate driving machine. How long until the i3 becomes the i3s? Based on what we know about the folks behind the i3 and the BMWi brand we fully expect a sport version or sport oriented options to debut sometime within the car’s life cycle. But make no mistake BMWi and committed to taking this launch very conservatively. They mean to focus on one product and hit the public and the press over the head with its benefits. That makes the idea of a sport oriented model something that will definitely take a back seat to the initial launch and success of the i3 program. But rest assured this is BMW and many of the same people launched the original MINI and the ones launching the i3 and the BMWi brand.

What a sporty i3 will consist of isn’t clear of course. However it’s easy to speculate that we could see a slightly different look with a more aggressive suspension and even perhaps a re-calibrated i3 for quicker acceleration. New wheels, new interior finishes with a more serious tone would also surely be a part of any sport model.

But that begs the question; what would increased performance – even if slight increases – due to range? Surely it would decrease with any sport program engaged. Which means BMW would surely make any power oriented gains purely software related and thus not something on by default.

All just rumors of course but our hunch on this given the winks and nods we got this week at the i3 launch makes it feel pretty plausible.