Washington and Oregon are gorgeous states to drive through. But hitting the California border and the redwoods proved to be spectacular. As is the M6 Competition Package. Unsurprisingly the M6 has devoured every kind of road and driving scenario without drama. It’s a GT car with healthy doses of sports car and this is exactly the trip it’s designed for – to carry passengers and luggage across vast amount of space in relative comfort — rapidly.

We’ll get into more details about the competition package specifics but it’s hard not to gush over the car and give you a quick overview. The first thing you notice from the photos below is the improved stance clearly hinting at the slightly more aggressive suspension underneath. It’s not a revolutionary change to the standard M6 but it’s clearly an improvement.

The Carbon Ceramic brakes proved invaluable through the mountain roads and tight switch backs of Route 199. While they squeal a bit at low speeds their performance is perhaps the most breath-taking thing about the M6 Competition Package. Finally there’s a steering which has more direct feedback thanks to quicker ratio. Combined with the improved suspension it’s a noticeable change to an already exceptional car.

Today I’m heading further south and into the hills of Northern California with a stop in Monterey. And then from there Highway 101 on the coast to Santa Monica.