The BMW M2 is one of the more anticipated vehicles launches of the last several years. Like the 1M, its combination of a small rear wheel drive with a high output engine is a classic BMW M formula. Now BMW has dropped hints that the M2 may be just the beginning. According to Head of BMW Group Design Adrian Van Hooydonk (via Autocar), the M2 might spawn another more interesting model intended to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary.

BMW is looking to the ever-popular E30 M3 for design inspiration for a future M car project, according to BMW Group design director Adrian van Hooydonk. “The E30 M3 has a really big fan base, and we are going to be taking cues from it for a future product,” he said.

Hooydonk wouldn’t elaborate on which model might get the E30 M3 treatment, but it’s likely to be a special edition of the upcoming BMW M2 that could be released to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary next year.

The standard M2 will launch late this year with around 370hp. However a CSL version of the car could feature design cues associated with the original M3 like the creased wheel arches or the large rear wing with healthy doses of weight savings.

Once again here’s Hooydonk:

“I’d have to give Colin Chapman the credit for the ‘performance through light weight’ mantra, but that was another big factor for the E30, and that is also a priority for us.”