The German publication Auto Motor und Sport is reporting that BMW is planning a four door coupe based on the current rear wheel drive 2 Series. Interesting news given that we know that BMW is already in the middle of developing a small four door 1 Series based on the UKL front wheel drive platform. It would seem that this rear wheel drive four door (Gran Coupe) would occupy a higher price point and cut a sleeker more sporty silhouette than the front wheel drive four door. But the bigger question to us is, which platform will this GC use?

The current 2 Series platform is going to be long in the tooth by 2018 making us assume that it will be the new CLAR component based platform that will be used. CLAR has been developed to underpin the 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 series products along with their SAV equivalents. While it’s modular enough to work for the 3er as much as the 7er, we weren’t sure if BMW would stretch the platform down to the 2 Series size. Given this rumor it would appear BMW may indeed be doing that. Could this also mean we’ll continue to see a rear wheel drive based 2 Series (and M equivalent)? Fingers crossed.