The latest rumors are now pointing to the BMW M2 CS not being a special edition but potentially what the LCI model will be called. Sounds crazy? Perhaps. But the key change will be the engine which will be the S55 taken directly out of the M3/M4 and detuned to around 400 hp. Is it any coincidence that the LCI M3/M4 are also rumored to receive a bump of around 25 hp next year? Clearly it would seem to be all part of a strategy by BMW to use the LCI to materially change performance of both M cars as they close out their production cycles.

Why didn’t BMWM just tune the N55 you ask? We believe that the change could also be in part because of the N55 is ceasing production (as BMW moves to the new B58). Either way look for more info on the updated BMW M2 soon. And if you think M2 wait lists are bad now, you haven’t seen anything yet.