A high performance i8 sounds pretty good to us. It’s been rumored for years. But now BMW is on record that there is a customer demand and they are considering it. According to a recent Autoexpress interview with BMWi Product Manager Alexander Kotouc, customers have been asking for such a vehicle.

“I can tell you at this point we are still evaluating it; the i8 is the iconic sports car of the new era.

“Yes, there is customer demand for a more powerful version but it needs to make sense for our brand,” Kotouc added. “You could put a V12 in there and it would be incredibly powerful but would it still be a BMW i car? We need to find the perfect balance.”

Kotouc went on to say that an existing powertrain could be tweaked but the i8 could house a completely different engine if necessary. “There is a customer need and desire to have more power and we will try to fulfill it while also keeping our DNA authentic,” Kotouc concluded.

Sounds like it’s a go to us.