If you watched LeMans this year you might have caught the moment where the BMW M8 (now known as the big M8) scraped with the Ford GT. Even my six year old son immediately noticed just how much larger the M8 is the the GT. It’s not surprising of course. The GT was designed as a purpose built race car that was then turned into a road car. The M8 on the other-hand is a luxury GT with sporting credentials. That means it was designed with comfort and golf clubs in mind. So it’s not a huge surprise to see that it’s substantially taller than the GT. But that didn’t stop the memes from immediately popping up.

And then finally this:

It’s somewhat ironic because the original design of the M8 GTE was several inches lower than the street car. Unfortunately all automakers had to allow that change and ultimately Ford ended up blocking it at the last moment. So in a sense Ford is really to thank for the Big M8.