We’re just hours away from the official reveal, and high-res photos of both the new 2021 M3 and M4 have leaked on Reddit. While we won’t formally post the photos out of courtesy to all the 100s of BMW employees who have worked tirelessly on these cars, you can see them below via Instagram.

We can’t speak to the technical details yet, but we can speak to what we see above. The first thing that’s hard to miss is that massive vertical grille. As much as the feedback has been deafeningly negative (since the 4 Series concept debuted), BMW has held strong and pushed forward with a very bold new look.

As much as we don’t care for the grille on the normal 4 Series, on the M4 it feels better suited. But surprisingly it’s the M3 with it’s slightly more square profile where it looks almost cohesive and congruent to the overall design of the car; but, then again, we’ve had time to digest the design of both cars a bit, so time definitely heals when it comes to visual changes like that grille.

It’s also worth noting that this is the first time BMW has launched two cars in various shades of green. So if you had money on two greens being the launch colors of the M3 and M4 you’ve done quite well for yourself.

Check back this evening at 6:00 EST to see much more, read all the technical details and see our initial thoughts on this new generation of M cars.