BMW Motorrad Sales up 11.5% Worldwide. Best Sales Month Ever.

BMW Motorrad continues to enjoy a successful 2013, with April sales not just up, but totaling the best sales month in the division\'s 90 year history. BMW is reaping the rewards of a diverse lineup, competitive pricing and technological leadership — particularly in Latin America, Asia and Russian markets. Yet overall, Germany remains BMW\'s largest motorcycle buying market. Sales leaders include the all-new R 1200 GS and the venerable HP4 variant of the S 1000 RR.

The New 2013 BMW F 800 GS Adventure

Since its debut, the BMW F-series has set the standard for midsize adventure motorcycles. Lighter and more off-road capable than its iconic bigger brother (the R 1200 GS Adventure), the F 800 GS is not only a sales leader for BMW\'s F-series, it\'s inspired competitors in the space. Most notably, Triumph\'s Tiger 800. Now the F 800 GS\'s reputation for rugged and approachable capability can continue to build with a refreshed F 800 GS Adventure for 2013.

Renderings Surface of BMW\’s upcoming \”Boxer\” Model

Late last year at EICMA in Milan, BMW Motorrad announced their intention to introduce a \"Boxer\" model to celebrate 90 years of making motorcycles. At the time <a href=\"\">this image</a> was all they were giving the world in terms of what to expect, but it didn\'t take a genius to predict that the \"Boxer\" would likely just be a more naked and more \"cafe\" version of BMW\'s R 1200 R roadster. Personally, I would have loved to see a new, midsize 800cc air-cooled boxer twin, but I didn\'t have very high hopes for that. Engine dreams aside, today the internet is abuzz with concept renderings of the \"Boxer\" model.

Long Term Review: BMW C 600 Sport, C 650 GT

<a href=\"\">ScooterFile</a>\'s Eric Almendral spent nearly a month apiece with BMW\'s revolutionary new maxiscooters. Putting them through their complete paces on the winding roads of southern California, Eric came away with a complete picture of just what these two machines have to offer.

BMW Motorrad Launching New \”Feed Your Restless\” TV Campaign

For those of us who love to ride motorcycles but also <del>unfortunately</del> live in the midwest or the east coast of the USA, winter is a time of restless impatience. The walls of our offices seem smaller than ever. The wind feels colder. The sky is even more gray. We obsessively watch the 10-day weather projections desperate for more temperate conditions on the horizon. There\'s an itch on our backsides that only a motorcycle in motion can scratch.

Video: Gratuitous R 1200 GS Engine Porn

With the 2013 R 1200 GS, BMW has done something completely new with the iconic engine: added liquid cooling. However, it\'s important to understand that this new engine is only partially cooled by the wet stuff. As demonstrated in the video above, water cooled in the GS\'s radiators is circulated through the engine\'s block, cylinders and the very bottom of the drivetrain. The rest of the engine\'s cooling is provided by good old fashioned ambient airflow.

BimmerFile First Ride: 2013 BMW C 600 Sport

Let\'s keep this simple. The BMW C 600 Sport is a midsize sport motorcycle in a scooter form factor. Yet this split personality is no Jeckyll & Hyde dichotomy at odds with its identity. Instead, these two symbiotic aspects of the C 600 Sport\'s character are what make this cross-bred two wheeler remarkable. By purposefully blending segment-leading performance with scooter convenience, BMW has done a cannonball into the maxi scooter market pool.