BimmerFile Review: The 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe

There\'s this moment on turn ten of the circuit of the Americas that defines a car and the driver. Coming from T9 you\'re accelerating hard and heading up-hill slightly. T10 approaches quickly and to the left. Suddenly there\'s a blind crest and the track falls away beneath you, the laws of physics trying to deposit you into the rumble strips and off the track.

First Drive Review: 2013 BMW M6 Coupe

Over the years we\'ve harped on the previous generation M6 a ton here at BimmerFile. From its lackluster chassis dynamics to the questionable \"power\" button the E63 M6 wasn\'t M\'s finest moment. But BMW has moved on and so have we with turbo power and a focus on broadening appeal while creating better all-around cars. But does the all new 2013 BMW M6 buck that trend?

BimmerFile Review: The New BMW M6 Convertible

There was a moment during my recent time behind the wheel of the M6 that it struck me. I had just enjoyed some opposite lock acrobatics on a twisting mountain road and was turning off it heading to a rather mundane highway. As I did I switched off the hardcore M programming and set the car to comfort. The moment was nothing short of a revelation as the savage beast I was just piloting became the mildest of GT cars.